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"That report was amazing. So comprehensive and detailed. I can't imagine why any divorce attorney wouldn't use it, just to be sure."
 - Kimberly Schaefer

"Without Divorce Asset Search, my child support would have drastically children and I thank you for finding several hidden assets and transactions that resulted in the scales turning to our favor in court! I don't know why anyone going through a divorce would not use these tool to enhance their's a no-brainer, in my opinion!"
 - Kathryn Nash

"Thank you again for helping us on this. You have a fan and we are going to encourage all of our clients with disclosure concerns to utilize this service. It really is remarkable."
 - Gregg Woodnick

"Divorce Asset Search helped me get my life back on track. With the overwhelming task of putting together 7 years of taxes I was not prepared or skilled to take on such a large project. Going from a stay at home mom to being in the workforce was a huge adjustment for me, then with the divorce and getting the documents together it was quite paralyzing to me. Divorce Asset Search helped me accomplish all that was needed to become free of the burden that had consumed me. I would highly recommend their product, it changed my life."
 - Lisa Stacy

"My life is so much better than a year ago. By utilizing Divorce Asset Search I was able to piece together 10 years of critical information I needed to go forward in my life. Great product and great results."
 - Lisa Padilla

"Thank you for the incredible work that you did. It is a relief to know that my tax troubles are hopefully behind me and the opportunity to start moving forward is a possibility."
 - Linda Boyce

"Like a lot of my friends my divorce was messy. Divorce asset search gave me closure and peace of mind knowing I did a thorough job of tracking down my ex-husband’s assets."
 - Gemma Wilson