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Asset Search Report...... $595

Includes the following:
  1. Easy to read report that includes Estimated Asset Value. (See Sample Report)
  2. Breakdown of assets by the following categories:
    • Cash, CD's, Bonds & Notes
    • Stocks and Mutual Funds
    • Corporations
    • Partnerships
    • Insurance Distribution
    • Retirement Fair Market Values
    • Real Estate Proceeds
    • Income
    • Sources of Wages
    • Non-Employee Compensation
  3. Asset Trend Analysis: You can instantly evaluate your spouse's activity over the last 3/4 years. This report could take a forensic accountant 50 hours to prepare. The analysis will provide an excellent base in your decision making process.

Tax Return Score Report...... Complimentary

  1. Current tax balances owed for last four years.  This includes delinquent taxes, penalties and interest.
  2. Tax return report that includes:
    • Results of 37 diagnostic tests of tax information
    • Alternative method to evaluate creditworthiness
    • Monthly cash flow analysis
    • Documentation of excess tax ratios
    • Results of IRS Audit
    • Numerical score and letter grade.
  3. Summary of IRS Transcripts, including the breakdown of the following:                   
    • Wages
    • Business Income
    • Rents, Royalties, Partnership, S Corp etc.
    • All Other Income/(Losses)
    • Plus: Non-Taxable Income
    • Total Gross Income
  4. Cost Effective and 3-5 days Processing Time!