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Asset Search  & Tax Return Score Report

We provide two reports: 1) Asset Search and 2) Tax Return Score. The asset search is a tool to identify divorce assets that were not disclosed on the spouse's Affidavit of Financial Information.  The asset search provides a safety net to identify undisclosed assets. The tax report analyzes and identifies IRS tax delinquencies that if undetected, could result in a financial hardship. If we receive a a signed release by noon we can usually deliver both reports in 48 hours!

Asset Search Report Tax Return Score Report
  • Asset Trend Analysis - 4 Years
  • Cash, CD's Bonds & Notes
  • Stocks & Mutual Funds
  • Retirement Fair Market Values
  • Other Businesses: Corporations/Partnerships
  • Sources of Wages
  • Sources of Non-Employee Compensation
  • Estates/Trust Income
  • Insurance Distributions
  • Real Estate Proceeds
  • Real Estate Mortgages
  • Checklist for What To Do Next
  • Verify Tax Return Filing with IRS
  • Current Tax Liabilities - Last 4 Years
  • Identify Overpayment as Possible Hidden Asset
  • 2 Year Comparative Tax Summary
  • Detailed Monthly Cash Flow Analysis
  • Results of 37 Diagnostic Tests
  • What It Means to You:
    • Assists with Income Reconciliation
    • Alerts for IRS Audits & Liens
    • Measure of Creditworthiness
    • Can Flag Possible Identify Theft
    • Identifies Activity That Should Be Investigated

Note A:
The estimated value can vary significantly due to market conditions, dividend, distributions and liquidations that have occurred since the first of the year. If our asset search identifies an undisclosed asset, you'll want to obtain copies of monthly statements for the past twelve months.

Note B: The Tax Return Score report was developed by a team of professionals that included a CPA. The information contained in the report is based on statistical analysis of tax returns using mathematical algorithms. These reports do not follow generally accepted accounting principles used in financial statement reporting. The summaries are designed to provide a tool that expedites the review IRS tax transcripts.